Agribisalta S.r.L. is engaged in the harvesting and processing of fruit and vegetables grown with passion by more than 500 professional farmers. The provisions come mainly from the alpine valleys, their foothills and plains in the Cuneo area with a particular suited and healthy soil, climatic and environmental conditions.


Agribisalta harvest and collects the fruit and vegetable product that is commercialize in Italy and abroad.
For the machining and the other productions working in an area equipped of about 6000 sq.m. (of which 2400 sq.m. covered), with cold storage adapted to store and goods storage capacity of about 800 tons with special platforms for loading and unloading vehicles.




The main local fruit and vegetable production commercialized are:
• strawberries from May to October,
• berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, …) in the period from June to October,
• red beans cool climbing “Cuneo” in the period from July to October,
• light zucchini (flower) and dark from June to October,
• peppers “Cuneo” type from August to October,
• “cuore di bue” tomatoes from August to October
• strawberry grapes from September to October
• chestnuts and Marroni in the period from September to November (Valsusa origin).

Also local products more specifically for the winter period:
• savoy cabbage,
• Jerusalem artichokes turnips,
• potatoes Consortium Bisalta,
• cardoons,
• leeks white Cervere,
• carrots typical of the “Consortium of carrot San Rocco”,
• Madernassa pears,
• pears Martin sec, etc.

In particular the cultivation of strawberry marked a very important period for agriculture in the area contributing with its high production both in quantity and quality to make the country of Peveragno known in Italy and abroad.
Agribisalta can also trace in the area, according to the seasonal trends, other local niche products, like:
• wild blueberries,
• quince,
• pumpkins long, round,
• inflorescences of elder,
• elderberries,
• mulberries.

The range of references is completed with other products required by both national and foreign origin.
The daily production determines the maximum freshness of products commercialized that can be packed in boxes, plastic film trays, 250 gr. and 500 gr. baskets with lid, net bags depending on the market-needs.

Making and Plants

The warehouse is equipped with modern machinery for the packaging of products including: electronic weighing and price labeling, trayformer, lidding, flow-pack machines, packaging and packer of beans to satisfy the needs of our customers.
It ‘also equipped with machinery for processing of chestnuts and marroni: calibration line, selection tape, polishing, sterilization, curatura tanks and the most modern packaging machines equipped with electronic weighing and labeling with EAN codes or codes of the customer.

Quality and certifications

Believing in the presentation of fruit or vegetables product grown and offered with quality and passion in full respect of clients and traditions over the years.  To highlight these ambitions, Agribisalta S.r.l. is certified, regarding organic productions, by CCPB comapny and for the certification GLOBAL GAP Option 2 by SGS company.



Agribisalta S.r.L. is located in the municipality of Peveragno in the province of Cuneo and its name comes from the historic mountain “Bisalta” belonging to the group of the Maritime Alps, which stands close to the town of Peveragno on whose slopes have developed, thanks to a particularly favorable climate, varied and flourishing fruit and vegetable crops.

To reach us:
Arriving from Liguria with the Torino-Savona toll road:
exit at Mondovi tollbooth, continue towards Cuneo, at the town of Beinette take the Peveragno direction, after about 2 km you will come across our warehouse (near “La Pineta” restaurant).

For those coming from the Po Valley and along the new stretch of toll road Asti-Cuneo, exit at Castelletto Stura-Cuneo tollbooth and follow the signs to Peveragno, at the entrance of the village you will find the yellow signs Agribisalta (Beinette direction) to get to our warehouse (near “La Pineta” restaurant).